I wake up every morning, throw on a t-shirt and some jeans, and slip into my slides/Hip Hops. I grab a rubber band off my dresser, go in the bathroom and raps my hair up. To school I go. I leave out, I lock the door and begin walking my commute to the bus stop.
There I see the street. The sidewalk. A fire hydrant. Street lights and cars.

I hear street sound and cars driving by/honking.

I smell air.

I get to school, walk through the double doors, I give the security guard my book bag and proceed through the metal detectors. They give my book bag and I commute to my locker. After a five to seven minute stair trip I arrive at my locker. I put my book bag on the hook, everything I need for the day and proceed to my first period music class.

I walk through the doors and I see the guitars and pianos. The other students. A window., a window sill. A radiator. A printer. The teachers desk. The teacher. A projector and posters on the wall.

I hear the teacher and another student singing. Guitar strumming. Piano keys and the music teacher speaking and talking.

I am bad at this.

I think, I shouldn’t have to get up so early for school.

I feel tired and sleepy.

The bell rings.


When I listen to music, I am calm, relaxed.

9 times out of 10 I am at a concert (because the headphones are so loud)

I’m just out of it. I’m in that moment.

I like BTS because they are upbeat and I like their choreography.


I see a big white board and a teacher that talks like a which that constantly complains about me being on my phone

I also see a fed up teacher who is extremely way over due for a vacation.

A projector, window, window sill, posters on the wall.

I hear a lot of other students talking, not only while the teacher is trying to teach, but literally throughout the class period.

I also hear my music, through my listening devices.

I feel bored but entertained.

I think, “Latin is useless”


I smell the food.

I hear people and students talking.

I see the other students.

The lunch ladies.

The milk. The fruit.

The lunch plates and trays.

Windows, window sill, the lunch table and posters on the wall.

I taste the food.

Describe one person- talkative.

'One goal- I am irritated. I hear the teacher talking and lecturing. I see a teacher. The teachers desk. The other students. The students desk. Binders. A laptop cart. Laptops. A projector. Outlets. Windows and posters on the wall. I wish I was out of this class.


I see a stage with stairs and outlets. A volleyball net. Soccer balls, footballs, kickballs, dodge balls, basketballs, basketball rims, basketball courts, other students playing sports, (basketball, volleyball, and catch)

Students charging their phones on the stage.

A projector. Windows and posters on the wall.

I smell sweat and must and perspiration.

I hear balls bouncing.


Art is good when you have a feeling. An idea. Everywhere. You want to express yourself.

I see the other students. Half of the students diligently working and the other half periodically working. And a teacher at his desk periodically checking on the other students to see if they need help. A projector. A window sill. Window and posters on the wall.

I hear bodies moving and shifting.

I think, “I don’t belong here in an AP class. I think “I should be in a regular art class”

I feel like leaving.

Darius, age 18
Darius’ Day
creative writing