The Red Ring
By Rawan

It was the darkest day of my life, when I went to search of that miserable thing. Hard, awful, scary, dark night of the moonlight, when I went in the woods after I’d read about IT. It was a beautiful weather when the leaves fall from the tree. I was a living a beautiful life in my simple small apartment and that day, when I was warming in front of the fireplace, on my phone, I found that strange article.

“The perfect magical ring” I opened it with excitement.

An old king that was so far in the past.

The story of King Zurub of Condonia. The story goes that King Zurub was the most powerful king of his time.

Rich, Evil, Arrogant and Stupid. Disloyal to his country and untrustworthy, he punishes his servants over nothing. Doesn’t let them eat or drink.

All the village people talk about Zurub and his mysterious ring. Such a small piece of jewelry, but as you noticed the redness of the ring, an erupting volcano, as red as hell fire, you couldn’t look away.

Because of his evil, people had planned to kill the king. As they planned for it, the king knew and a war happened. A war so deadly that no-one survived and the poor town, destroyed and over years, it had been hidden underground by the dust. And the ring vanished under the dust.

As I finished reading the article, I decided to find this magical ring and thought about what it could do to me. Is it still magical? Is it still powerful? Or a lie someone has formed.

But I said, “why not?”. Suddenly I found myself packing everything I need to search for this ring. And started to know the location of that old town. I found that it may be under the Enders Forest. Then I took by stuff and ordered a taxi to the woods.

And finally I was there.

Trees everywhere. So complicated and a really narrow place to walk. I took my huge flashlight, with a beam that reaches 2 miles and I began searching everywhere. Under leaves, in the mud, into the trees, until I found a cave. I saw something shining and I started to search in this dirty sand. Finally I found the ring. That beautiful red ring.

I wouldn’t be more happy than I was. I put it right on my finger and I felt something weird inside me. I felt greater than anything else. Power, smartness, greatness inside me.

I went to my home and I’m happier than ever. I decided to change my life. When I went to my apartment, I got a call saying that I inherited a fortune of a billion dollars. I couldn’t believe how lucky I was.

I bought a huge new shining house. I invited my friends and told them they could be with me. Then I found myself wearing the most expensive things I never could afford it. Cars, jewelry, brand clothes, exotic animals and business towers.

I found myself a business man. The richest business man. And now the badside began to happen. One day I looked at the ring on my finger and said “how did you do all this to me?” But then I decided to take it off, fearing that I might lose it. I wanted to put it somewhere safe. Quickly, l tried to pull it off, but found my hand shaking. A pain inside my brain. I froze. But then I gave up, and left my hand away, and I felt nothing. The pain went away.

The next morning, I felt a strange mood. I found myself not good. I went downstairs to meet my friends. I felt that I didn’t want to talk to them. The situation was boring..
They said
Hey man, what happened?
Are you O.K.?
What’s going on?

Nothing. What about leaving?


Nothing. I need to be alone.

They left.

Once they were gone, the maid came, giving me my everyday coffee. I looked at my maid and asked myself, “am I giving these servants too much freedom. I pointed at her, saying, what is your salary?

10,000 dollars per month sir. I said Woah, thats too much. From not on, your salary is 1,000 a month for you and all of your mates.

She said “why sir?? I need this money.

I found myself screaming at her. How could she talk to me like this. Suddenly, I found myself firing her. All the other people in the house were staring at me, wondering what happened to me.

And then shouting at them, get to your work.

I went to my room angry, wearing my expensive suit. I decided to go to my parents house. I wanted to see them. I went to our old farm and when I got there, I found that I went back to my normal life. My more happy normal life. I got inside to meet my parents and they were shocked by the look of me.

I said, I’m going to say everything. I told them the whole story from the very beginning, and as I’m telling the story, every time I found their reaction was too angry for me. And then they said, “you need to get this ring off. It’s hurting you. It’s hurting your life.

I said, I tried, but I felt pain and I couldn’t get it off. But then, they said there’s got to be a way to get rid of it. You need to live a happy life.

Later, I left the house with. Sadness and regret. I realized how awful I was to my servants and my friends. I decided to get rid of it.
I went to my home, thinking of a way to get rid of this terrible life. Saying “how”. A few days passed. I made an appointment to the hospital. In the morning, I took my expensive car. I want to meet my special doctor.

Telling him there is an emergency. I need to get rid of this ring, but there’s only one way it will get off.

YOU MUST CUT OFF MY HAND. Then, I found my doctor astonished. Dismayed and upset. Telling me, “why are you doing this. Coudn’t you just pull it off of your finger.
I said “try”.

The doctor tried to pull it off but he couldn’t . He felt pain and his body shook and he said, we need to get it off.

Later, I found myself in an operating room, under light, seeing nurses and my doctor an d tools. And this was the last thing I saw.

When I opened my eyes again, I found myself ion a different room, feeling peace inside myself. I looked at my hands, finding myself with one hand and a half arm. I saw a bunch of people in my room, talking. Then I asked what happened.

The doctor said, we finally got it off. Here is your ring. I took it and said, thank you.

I pointed at the ring, saying inside my head, “you are the most harmful thing in the world”. No one would be happy if you’re here.

I made my way out of the hospital, going to my huge house. Went to the fireplace and threw the ring inside the fire. The moment I threw it, I found my lawyer calling me.

Saying, I have bad news for you. Unfortunately, you’re not rich anymore. All your towers belong to someone else.

I said, I don’t mind. Take everything I own. I don’t want not anymore. I packed my old clothes. The cheapest ones. Wearing the old shoes and on my way to my old apartment.

I called my friends saying, we need to talk. I met them and told them the whole story and asked them for forgiveness, and at that moment, I was truly happy. I went back to my normal life.

Now I’m back to the fireplace, thinking about the same moment I was here a year ago. Feeling I shouldn’t have done this and glad that I’m alive, not as poor Zurub. Back in my room I’m sitting on my bed,, sleeping in peace.

Suddenly, a shining comes across the room. It’s the red ring

Rawan, age 14
The Red Ring
creative writing